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Glaucoma is a progressive optic nerve disease. This progressive optic neuropathy, can be detected early through thorough eye examination, visual field tests, detailed fundus examination and optical coherence tomography. The classical components of glaucoma to follow its progression include elevated intraocular pressure, structural optic nerve changes and repeatable, consistent visual field defects. Besides positive family history, glaucoma is much like puzzle pieces. We need to look and obtain smaller pieces of data to put together to complete the picture of the disease. In most of cases, there is no recognizable symptom from patients. The testings that were mentioned can detect and help clinicians to treat glaucoma.Of course there is always variable factors such as age of patient, race and ethnicity of patient, history of ocular injury or accident, and other systemic health complications like diabetes and hypertension. As the first line of treatment to halt or slow down this progression of optic nerve is to use topical medications. At Premier Eye Care, you will be examined thoroughly to be detected and treated if early glaucoma stage is found.