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Posted on 09-20-2017

Fall is here!  Which, as we all know, doesn't mean much in Texas!  But, as fall and winter approach, many people leave their sunglasses behind with the summer days.  However, just because temps may be dropping, it doesn't mean the UV rays are any less harmful.  Just how does UV light affect your eyes?  Here are some quick facts about UV and your eyes:

-UV damage to the eyes is cumulative and often irreversible

-Eyes are the only internal tissue directly exposed to UV

-94% of people don't know UV exposure is bad for your eyes

-40% of UV exposure occurs when we are not in direct sunlight

-5-10% of skin cancer occurs on the eyelids

-90% of visible premature aging around the eyes is caused by UV damage

-Wearing UV protective glasses, even with clear lenses, can help delay the onset of cataracts

So remember as the seasons change to protect your peepers year-round.  Happy fall ya'll!

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